Nigerian Man Fighting To Survive COVID-19 In The UK Begs Nigerians To Take It Seriously And Stop “Slamming” The President For Ordering A Lockdown

A Nigerian man who as of late tried positive for Coronavirus and is getting treatment in a UK emergency clinic, has engaged Nigerians to pay attention to the pandemic and follow all rules gave by the administration to shorten the spread of the feared sickness.

In a post shared on Twitter, the Nigerian man said this isn’t an ideal opportunity to slam the President for the lockdown request as everything is being accomplished for the advancement of everybody.

”Nigerians this is not the time to bash the president @MBuhari on lockdown. Everything the government is doing is for the betterment of every citizen in the country. For the past 13 days I have not known food and my main concern is to survive this deadly virus.

My test just came back positive for Covid19 and i can tell you that it is real. I am being looked after by amazing staffs of the NHS and they are doing a wonderful job.

We are at war fighting an invisible enemy, everyone needs to join hands together to defeat the common enemy. Please follow all government and NCDC advice and guidelines. Hunger that has hope can never kill you. Always maintain social distancing, wash your hands and sanitise.” he tweeted

In another tweet, he communicated his feelings of trepidation of tainting his little child.

” Nigerians it’s only an advice to stay safe. I will be devastated if I infect my little baby with this virus. I hard doing it intentionally talk more of infecting her because I was only worried the @MBuhari is not sharing money. This is someone’s father and it’s real.”




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