Footballer Coming Back From Vigilante Obligation Is Shot Dead By Man Who Claims He Mistook Him For A Member Of the One Million Boys Gang

Inhabitants of Iba Local Council Development Area have been keeping awake around evening time to alternate in shielding their condition from the One Million Boys burglary pack threatening neighborhoods. Sadly, one youngster was shot dead while coming back from vigilante obligations and inhabitants state his executioner had compromised him with death on different occasions.

Stephen, 26, was from Arogbo Kingdom in Ondo State. His vocation as a footballer was simply taking off and he should make a trip to Portugal this year to seek after his football profession yet he was kept down because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

#JusticeForStephen slants as footballer coming back from vigilante obligation is shot dead by man who claims he confused him with an individual from the One Million Boys group.

Stephen joined individuals from his locale on Friday, April 17, to watch his neighborhood, Victory Estate, in Iba and was on his way back on the morning of Saturday, April 18, when he was shot by Mr James Olu, a resigned maritime official who is likewise the administrator of the Landlord’s Association of Victory home in Iba.

As indicated by reports, Mr James at first asserted he thought Stephen was an individual from the One Million Boys group when he saw him moving around that early. Afterward, at the police headquarters, he asserted Stephen was a cultist.

In any case, inhabitants asserted Mr James had a long-standing misconception with Stephen and has compromised him with death on numerous occasions. Inhabitants guarantee Mr James executed Stephen deliberately and they have gone on Twitter to call for equity for the perished, with the hashtag #JusticeForStephen.

There was distress in the territory following Stephen’s demise yet inhabitants guarantee Stephen’s family have been compromised that there will be results if viciousness ejects because of Stephen’s passing.

Therefore, young people in the zone have quieted down and have taken to Twitter to guarantee that Stephen’s demise was planned and to ask that Mr James – who allegedly “rouses dread in the adolescents in the area” – be made to confront the law.

See a string beneath portraying the supposed occasions paving the way to Stephen’s demise and the fallout.



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