Bisola Aiyeola Channels Queen Amina Of Zaria To Commend Her 34th Birthday Celebration

Previous reality star and Actress, Bisola Aiyeola is commending her 34th birthday celebration today.

In festivity of her exceptional day, the ‘Sugar Rush’ on-screen character presented like Queen Amina of Zaria in her birthday photographs, and afterward wrote in her inscription:

Section 34. As I praise my birthday today, I am diverting the Queen Amina in me. Sovereign Amina was a warrior, a pioneer, a safeguard of her kin and one of the best brokers ever. My individual sovereigns and princesses, the force in us is undefeatable and the light in us is undimmable, the triumph in front of us is relentless. Upbeat Birthday Queen Biyesi of the world, your best is in front of you.


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